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Goalie Wall Ball



Please see below information relative to the Goalie Wall Ball Challenge:


To develop stick skills and save technique.





*Gloves must be worn

*Goalies are to be 5 paces from the wall (No creeping in)

*Must step to ball ending with shuffle step

*Return to starting point after each save

*Must start over if any drops

*Continuous video no editing

*Videos will be taped from the side, not the rear

*Must be done on a wall, not a bounce back

* Players are allowed to have extra balls at their feet

* All exercises are to be passed in a row

*Challenge will be video taped from start to end with no breaks in the recording

*Short breaks allowed in between excercises

*Proper techniquie required for reps to count

*Drops do not count

*Players do not stop until 1 minute is up even if they hit required reps



Each Exercise to be Completed Within 60 Seconds:



  • 10 - stick high
  • 10 - off stick high
  • 10 - hip
  • 10 - off hip
  • 10 - stick low
  • 10 - off stick low



  • 12 - stick high
  • 12 - off stick high
  • 12 - hip
  • 12 - off hip
  • 12 - stick low
  • 12 - off stick low



  • 15 - stick high
  • 15 - off stick high
  • 15 - hip
  • 15 - off hip
  • 15 - stick low
  • 15 - off stick low



Shooter shirt


Submitting videos:

*No stops in the video on any of the challenges.

*No video editing.

*Videos must be uploaded to youtube and link emailed to   .

*Video recorded from side on wall ball challenge.

*Video recorded from behind catcher on clearing test.

*Gloves must be worn for all challenges.


Goalie Wall Ball video link:



Good luck goalies!  Get on that wall and start practicing your clears!