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The G12 boys program is instructional level lacrosse for 1stand 2ndgraders.  The boys need not have any experience to play.  The boys are taught the basic skills of cradling, catching, throwing, scooping and defense, which they will then use, first in intra-squad scrimmages and later in games against other towns.
There will be three or four teams at this level.  The teams will practice at the same time for two hours per week.  The practices will likely be one hour during the week and one hour on Saturdays.  There will be six games – likely on Sunday mornings, but possibly on Sunday afternoon, depending upon field availability.  The practice and game schedules will be announced immediately prior to the start of the season in the spring.

New players will receive a reversible Reading lacrosse jersey for games.  The boys need the following equipment to play:  lacrosse helmet, mouthpiece, lacrosse shoulder pads, lacrosse arm pads, lacrosse gloves, protective cup, and cleats. 

If you have questions regarding the G12 boys program, kindly contact Chuck Webberly at  eadingyouthlacrosse@gmail.com