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WALL BALL CHALLENGE ( Defense May Use Short Poles)


Objective of the challenge?

The objective of the challenge is motivate our town athletes to significantly improve their skills on the field and most certainly off the field.  While there are structured practices and games with the teams, the purpose is to provide incentive for those athletes to go above and beyond on their own time and have a sense of ownership to their own development.   

Types of Challenges to be Completed Within 60 Seconds


Wall Ball:


  • 18 - 2 Handed righty with cradle
  • 18 - 2 Handed lefty with cradle


  • 35 - 2 Handed righty with cradle
  • 35 - 2 Handed lefty with cradle
  • 30 - Switch hands


  • 40 - 2 Handed righty with cradle
  • 40 - 2 Handed lefty with cradle
  • 35 - Switch hands
  • 23 - 1 Handed lefty 
  • 23 - 1 Handed righty


  • 45 - 2 Handed righty with cradle
  • 45 - 2 Handed lefty with cradle
  • 40 - Switch hands
  • 28 - 1 Handed lefty 
  • 28 - 1 Handed righty


Wall Ball Prizes:

  • Custom shooter shirt


Things That Will Not Pass:

  • Gloves not worn
  • Too close to wall or bounce back
  • Technique (see instruction video)
    • No pushing 
    • Proper hand placement
  • Failure to get required reps
  • Videos recorded from behind
  • Edited videos (has to be one continuous video with no stops in footage)


How to Participate

Video and Submitting:

  • All videos will be taken from the side, not rear.  (Proper form and distance from wall are more distinguishable from this view)
  • Video must be continuous and all exercises must be passed in a row. No video editing!
  • Once passed, videos need to be uploaded to YouTube and link emailed to 
    • YouTube account will be needed (very easy to setup)
    • There are options when uploading to make public, private or unlisted
    • Videos can be made public or unlisted, your choice. (Public means anyone can view.  Unlisted means only people you send the link to can view.)
  • Please be sure all exercises have the required reps and proper technique before submitting


Instructional Video

If you're going to participate in this challenge, please take a few minutes to watch:

Reading Wall Ball Challenge Instructions


Final Thoughts:

Remember, the purpose of doing this challenge is to improve stick skills - the prizes are a great incentive to promote self motivation and discipline.  Players that are more focused on the prize and not the skill may lose sight of technique and long term benefits. Players should be concentrating on form, especially on the basic 2 hand righty and lefty exercises.  When reviewing videos, technique will be the number one reason videos may be denied.  For the regular "Wall Ball Challenge"  good technique is required but won't be as highly critiqued as the "Helmet Challenge".  Players should start off more aware of good technique rather than number of reps and time.  It makes no sense to do this challenge if we don't correct bad habits.   Once technique is where it should be, follow up with increasing amount of reps to reinforce form and endurance.  When players are confident their skills have improved, try timing.    

Number of reps needed to pass each exercise will be emailed out in about two weeks.


Good Luck!